At Coulsdon MCRC ( Model Car Racing Club) we primarily 1:32 scale slot cars. Although these cars are similar in principle to the more well-known hard-bodied racing using cars such as Scalextric,  NSR, etc. However, the similarity of cars going around a track and picking up their power from the track is where the similarity ends. The types of cars we run at Coulsdon, consist of a quite highly engineered spring steel chassis with a small but powerful electric motor attached, with a very thin and light body. this results in a car that is much quicker than the standard mass-produced hard-bodied type cars.

As we are members of the BSCRA (British Slot Car Racing Association). The types of we race at Coulsdon primarily comply with the BSCRA classes and rules. these are Genesis, also known as the intro 32 class. Production, Saloon, Sports, F1 and the other type we race is our Club Car class.